Below is the first newsletter as it appeared. There were a few spelling errors and on one question Burger King Appered twice. D. should have been Pizza Hut.

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Final Answers

The Final Answer

Welcome to the first editition of "The Final Answer". Please let me know how you like it and how the questions need to be changed. Also if you have friends who might like to see it, please pass it on. I plan to post the answers sometime soon on Is That Your Final Answer? Feedback and reader submitted questions welcomed.

Fastest Finger Question
Put the following movies in order from earliest to latest:

A. Saturday Night Fever B. Back to the Future
C. Airplane D. Casablanca

What did the fox conclude in Aesop's Fable "The Fox and the Grapes"?

A. The grapes were probably sour B. Silly fox, grapes are for kids
C. Grapes are a good source of vitamin C D. Grapes are on sale at the supermarket

In which of the following sports is it possible to hit a homerun?

A. Football B. Baseball
C. Basketball D. Tennis

Which of the following is not part of the United States?

A. Florida B. Texas
C. California D. Iraq

Who played Rocky Balboa in the movie

A. John Wayne B. Silvester Stallone
C. Robert Redford D. Harrison Ford

What fast food chain sells the Big Mac?

A. McDonalds B. Wendy's
C. Burger King D. Burger King

What singer/group had a hit with the song 'The Twist' in 1960?

A. Chubby Checker B. Little Richard
C. The Beatles D. Bill Haley

Who wrote the poem The Raven?

A. Edgar Allen Poe B. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
C. Robert Browning D. Walt Whitman

Which quarterback lead the New York Jets to victory in Super Bowl III?

A. Johnny Unitis B. Joe Namath
C. Bart Starr D. Don Meredith

Who is the author of the United States'
Declaration of Independence?

A. Thomas Jefferson B. John Adams
C. Benjamin Franklin D. John Hancock

What is the tallest mountain in North America?

A. Mount McKinley B. Mount Whitney
C. Pike's Peak D. Mount Eribus

Who set the world record for the long jump in the Mexico City Olympic Games in 1968?

A. Bruce Jenner B. Bob Beamon
C. Mike Powell D. Jesse Owens

Which of the following is not a book of the Bible?

A. Jonah B. Nahum
C. Hezakiah D. Zephaniah

What part did actor John Banner play on the television show "Hogan's Heros"?

A. General Albert Birkhalter B. Sergent Andrew Carter
C. Corporal Peter Newkirk D. Sergent Hans Shultz

Who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for his work on the photoelectric effect?

A. Max Planck B. Albert Einstein
C. Enrico Fermi D. Ernest Rutherford

Who wrote
The War of the Worlds?

A. Orson Welles B. H.G. Wells
C. Jules Verne D. George Orwell

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